About me:

    I was born in Tbilisi in 1947 and never thought that I’d take camera in my hands untill the age of 32.
    I got technical education and worked as an engineer for a few years, when my first child was born and I started taking his photos with my old soviet SLR.
    After I realized, that taking pictures of my family only does not satisfy me anymore, I’ve chosen press-photography as my future profession and next 25 years was occupied only with photojournalism. And only a few years ago I realized, that photojournalism is not the only kind of photography on the earth. But I still think that documental photography is elite one. And I don't like words like "Art Photography", "Photo Artist".
    My favorite camera is Nikon F3, but I’m using other cameras as well, including digital SLR and large format cameras.

Giorgi Tsagareli